on October 17, 2017
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Submissive Girls: New Releases & Updates Online

Hello everyone,

As we've explained in last week's blog entry we plan to update Submissive Girls and add new site improvements which have been completed successfully with the additional add-ons of a new Forum easier to manage, browse and communicate.

And what we've been using as a forum was converted into a Blog for public and private Prime users updates and news relating to Submissive Girls, etc

If you're a Prime member the new Forum can be accessed here

And as promised all re-recorded Subliminal MP3's with the new (TIME BREAK) method that allows for a sufficient pause in the subliminal script spoken by the Amy voice, making the subliminal messages more effective.

The (TIME BREAK) method we've been using on the Amber Text to Speech App was okay but there was room for improvement so working with the code, the web app software was updated and after some testing the re-recording of the all the Subliminal MP3's have been remastered.

So, The Subliminal MP3's following the barely unnoticeable background we call Silent and along with Spa Music, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves and the newest sound White Noise are now uploaded to the download directory and prepared for access by Prime members.

The following Subliminal Downloads,

Mind Control Subliminal Programs
Girlfriend Subliminal Programs
Wife Subliminal Programs
Slave Girl Subliminal Programs
Maid Subliminal Programs
Adult Entertainment Subliminal Programs
Pet Girls Subliminal Programs
Living Doll Subliminal Programs
Self-Help Subliminal Programs

The Living Doll Subliminal Programs is an all-new Subliminal series of programs that you can use to train yourself a girl to act and behave like a Living Doll.

The following starter Subliminal Programs for this new series,

Barbie Doll - Subliminal
I am a Good Girl - Subliminal
I am a Pretty Little Girl - Subliminal
I am a Sex Toy - Subliminal