Submissive Girls: All New Password Reset and Following Site Updates

Hello Everyone,

We have some existing news we've just completed adding the newest upgrades to the Submissive Girls site, and one of them is a whole new Password Reset tool which will replace the old system. Now you'll be able to reset your password directly on the Submissive Girls site without having to worry about checking your email.

What we've come up with is a 4-digit Security PIN 

After you go to Login you'll be able to click on Password Reset taking you to the

Where you'll enter your 4-digit Security PIN along with the email you used when you first joined Submissive Girls.

Don't have a Security Key?

No problem log into Submissive Girls and update your profile at and add your own 4-digit Security PIN listed under Security Key...

Or use the (Forgot Security Key?) to have your default 4-digit Security Key PIN emailed to you...

Next up... We updated Submissive Girls header submenu giving it a new look and upgraded the Online Now status viewable by login users only. After you log into Submissive Girls all users will be able to see the Online Now status of each user at

And finally, the Submissive Girls Blog is updated with the newest code, a new Reply feature for corresponding with other users in blog posts. Like always you can visit the Blog at

But wait that's not all,

Coming soon this month in April we plan to release the all-new Advertisers program...

After you've been approved to become an Advertiser you'll be able to promote your own referral link and Sign-Up new users who will join under you.  And when that user decides to purchase one of our store products from Submissive Girls you'll earn $10.00 USD from that onetime sale.

If your interested in becoming an Advertiser and receiving your own referral link Contact Us today? 


Stay tuned,