on October 11, 2017
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Newest updates and remastered Subliminal Programs coming next week

Hello everyone,

We've been busy working on building a new Submissive Girls, Forum App for Prime members which will be easier to manage and correspond with other Prime users.  As for the existing forum, we've been using it will be upgraded to a Blog so no history will be lost.

Following the newest version of Submissive Girls, we fixed a number of bugs in the code which will improve site speed.

And now we'd like to introduce our newest sound White Noise when played the Subliminal MP3's will go unnoticed.

Besides the barely unnoticeable background we call silent, we have the following Spa Music, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves and now White Noise!

In fact, we've recorded all of the Subliminal MP3 programs in Submissive Girls large directory adding White Noise to each Subliminal download listing.

The barely unnoticeable background we call silent was also re-recorded; along with Spa Music, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves for the Subliminal MP3 programs for the new (TIME BREAK) method we've been using since the Amber Text To Speech App was last updated about a month ago...

All this will be made available next week as we prep Submissive Girls for the newest system version and new features.

For now, we'd like to release Submissive Girls new Library of online entertainment and resources you can use for training Girls in submission and obedience.

A collection of websites you might find of interest.


Stay tuned,