Dream Girls: Soon to be released The Ultimate Companion

Hello everyone,

First I like to start off by saying that I just finished testing the Amber Text to Speech App after updating the code and fixing a few issues we had with the interface layout.

Like before we now have an updated version of the Break Time code which is now < Break time= "1000ms" / > that allows for a sufficient pause between each sentence spoken by Amber...

This is Beta Version 0.02 a new release of the Amber Text to Speech App and now available for use by Prime members.

In addition, I updated the following two eBooks Amber Text To Speech App and Using the Subliminal Recorder App both with some new information for scripting and recording your Subliminal MP3 programs...

I also would like to take this time to add that the preparations for 'The Ultimate Companion Series' is coming along smoothly and we should have the first release within the series ready for open beta testing soon.

What's coming is the following program 'She is Faithful - Self Hypnosis Subliminal' soon to be available to all Prime members for download.

The Ultimate Companion a one-of-a-kind series by combining 'Self-Hypnosis' and 'Subliminal Messages' together, creating what we would like to call a 'Self-Hypnosis Subliminal Program' you can use for training your girlfriend, wife or even your slave girl into becoming a faithful, submissive and obedient dream girl that you've always wanted.


Stay tuned and have a good weekend,