on December 29, 2018
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Dream Girls Apps Launched 2019

Hello everyone,

We are proud to introduce the all-new Dream Girls Apps from what was formerly known as Submissive Girls Apps.  We're rolling back to the previous name Dream Girls with extension Apps to help strengthen the site's Membership base and it's growing services.

You can check out the reboot at Dream Girls Apps and you'll see we've made quite a bit of improvements from beside the name change.  On Dream Girls, we reorganized the whole site which includes the eBooks and the existing Subliminal Downloads.

You can access everything on Dream Girls new download directory at

But that's not all, Dream Girls has added a new category we like to call: Exotic Subliminal Programs

Exotic Subliminal Programs
In this new category you'll be able to choose from a large variety of Subliminal MP3 programs from training yourself a girl in animal roleplay, dollification, BDSM and in sex, etc

Oh, Make sure to look at the Dream Girls new User Guide here at

And what we've all been waiting for is the new forum which will be scheduled for release in January 2019 on the 7th. I would have released it during the reboot but I feel the slow approach is needed to avoid conflicting any of the site's web code.

This new forum will be a major upgrade with new features and improved layout from what the forum currently looks like.

And will soon be connecting Dream Girls with a new BDSM story website that will later share login access with Dream Girls.  The upcoming new BDSM site will include adult stories and become the home of Molly The Puppy Girl; a new eBook series that we've been working on for the past few months.

We still plan on having an online game made for Molly The Puppy Girl but that's all to be explained soon in 2019. Right now the focus in on the new eBooks series.

And for you Prime members... What most of you been noticing on the site is 'The Ultimate Companion Downloads' a series of new Self Hypnosis combined with subliminal messages ready to be released later in 2019 as this is still a work in progress.

You can access the pre-launch of the ' 'The Ultimate Companion; in the download directory here

The Ultimate Companion Downloads
Obtain The Ultimate Companion directly from Dream Girls online directory, a one-of-a-kind, four-part MP3 series for training girls to be faithful, submissive and obedient using new Self Hypnosis Subliminal MP3 programs.


Stay tuned and have Happy New Year,