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on February 1, 2018
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Submissive Girls upgrades & Molly The Puppy Girl Video Game

Hello Everyone,

We've been busy as usual adding new features and maintaining Submissive Girls Apps www.submissivegirlsapps.com keeping things up and running.

Three weeks ago we added a new store built directly into the Submissive Girls site releasing it for live use after testing it out on the development site. The new storefront may look similar but its an upgrade from what we were currently using last year.

And thanks to the welcoming of the new store were now bringing back Custom Subliminal orders for only $125.00 http://submissivegirlsapps.com/product/custom-subliminal-order or you can Create your own Subliminal MP3's all by using our 3 simple eBooks showing you how step by step.

We'd also like to take this time to introduce Molly The Puppy Girl Video Game, an Erotic Adventure adult game www.mollythepuppygirl.com presented by Submissive Girls www.submissivegirlsapps.com

The Molly The Puppy Girl Video Game is available for preorder here on Submissive Girls for only $19.95  http://submissivegirlsapps.com/product/erotic-adventure-adult-game-molly-the-puppy-girl

Besides from preparing Molly The Puppy Girl for it's first soon to be released in 2018...

Where now working on building the all-new referral program which will allow approved users, we'd like to call advertisers who can earn $10.00 per sale of any store product sold here on Submissive Girls.

But that's not all,

We've also upgraded the Submissive Girls Blog http://submissivegirlsapps.com/blog after rebuilding the web code for writing blog posts.

Adding the create a, ( New Blog Entry ) accessible to all Submissive Girls users after you log in.  

In the next Blog, update will be adding the Commenting feature which will allow users to post comments to blog posts.

All new Subliminal MP3's coming in February!

Stay tuned,