Dream Girls New Forum Offical Release
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Hello everyone,

We are pleased to release the new Dream Girls Forum http://dreamgirlsapps.com/forum

For the past few months, we've been developing and testing the new forum code that we built from scratch and working out the following bugs. We're now ready to release the new forum in open beta for all users of Dream Girls.

The new forum will have public and private categories available to post in and a comment section for replies to those posts. We made this forum easier to navigate and to communicate with one another.

And as the forum grows as a community we will add new features and any updates to the existing forum code. Eventually, we plan on making it so users can post his or her videos and pictures using the text editor.

Now in order to post in this forum http://dreamgirlsapps.com/forum you have to be an active user of Dream Girls.  After you log into the site click on any category and to the right-hand side of the forum you'll see: New Post

Clicking on 'New Post' which will take you to the text editor allowing you to post a topic in the forum under the selected category you choose.

Good day,


Response Tichi 5 months ago#1
Hi Trainer

Looks like a nice forum!
Hopefully the format doesn't change from here :) and it's great to see we still have access to the older archives.
Response Trainer81 5 months ago#2
Hey Tichi,

Thanks, it took a while to figure out kind of format to use for the new design...  And don't worry we won't be changing the format anytime soon. In the near future, we will plan on updating the forum for any fixes and adding new features.

Right now though my focus is on Molly The Puppy Girl which is coming along fine.  Will also have a new BDSM story site up and running soon.
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