Upgrading the Amber Text to Speech
Written by Trainer81 5 months ago4 Comments 307 Views
The Amber Text to Speech is down again due to a few issues but I'm fixing it.  I am also applying a few updates to the code and voice files.

We will also have a new time break code!  < Break time= "1000ms" / >

I'm looking at having the TTS back up and running sometime this coming week.


Response Trainer81 5 months ago#1
The upgrades to the 'Amber Text to Speech App' and the adding of the new (Time Break Code) is going well!

I should have this up and running by sometime next week...


Response Trainer81 5 months ago#2
The new Amber Text to Speech updates are coming along fine!  

Doing the final testing now and we should Beta 0.02 ready soon for us...

Stay tuned,

Response Trainer81 5 months ago#3
Everything is updated and fixed now!

Response jcrichton35 5 months ago#4
Why I’d the volume reduction get changed from -43.1 to 23.1?  I am having a lot of trouble with being able to hear a buzzing.   Any suggestions?
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